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K. Family

We moved to Charlotte when my son was 6 years old with zero knowledge about ABA. We were referred to Solving Autism by a dear friend which was the best decision we ever made. Mrs. Staci Kolko was our BCBA. She was patient enough in explaining the process and the use of ABA. She created the best plan for our son. She encouraged parents participation in my son’s treatment plan.  Even though we were associated with Solving Autism for a period of just 1 year, we saw a tremendous positive improvement in our son’s behavior.

An integral part in our son’s development was by Ms. Mercedez who was our RBT. One word to describe her is “Perfectionist”. She went above and beyond in helping my son to channelize his behavior. With the help of  her, my son was able to adapt so well in General Ed set up in his school! Now he is able to handle the virtual school so well. We infact were little sad when my son got discharged from his one on one sessions.

Our entire family is forever great-full  to the Whole Solving Autism Team. They have the Best Resources!! Keep inspiring us!!


C. Adkins

I have known Alyson Shaffer for 8 years, and she has been very instrumental in my son being where he is today. Drew was non-verbal. He was using Picture Exchange and an Augmentative Communication device to communicate with us. He was also in a Cross Category class where his behaviors were getting worse. Alyson developed a home therapy program and also helped advocate with me to get him in a regular Ed class full-time. Through in-home ABA therapy with wonderful therapists as well as being with typically developing peers in school, Drew began speaking in sentences and catching up where he was behind. His behaviors and stimming decreased as well.

He is now in the six grade and on grade level.  Even though we still struggle with some social situations and a few behaviors, I am so thankful to say that Drew is doing amazing and I’m so proud of him.  I still consult with Alyson for help with new situations or if I need an advocate. She has been such a blessing to our family and we are forever grateful for her and the difference ABA made in our lives!


H. Gaddy

My son came to know Alyson Shaffer in 2010 at a time in our lives when we were really struggling with some very difficult behaviors. We had tried almost everything and had some success with ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapy at home but shortly after sending our little guy to a school setting we suffered a big regression. At that point my son, Jaxson, was not only bigger and stronger but had picked up some other negative behaviors. Alyson came in with amazing behavioral techniques and implemented a visual schedule and visual timer that I still use to this day! Alyson changed my life and the way I relate to my son and manage his behaviors. She was diligent and consistent and set realistic expectations to help Jaxson experience success. Alyson took on my son’s explosive outburst and helped find ways to implement sensory input and replacement behaviors that helped calm him when he seemed uncontrollable. She helped train staff and worked with other therapists in his life for consistency. Jaxson will always have autism and he will always struggle to manage his behaviors and communicate appropriately but Alyson gave me the confidence to help him with his challenges and allow him to feel support and love. Alyson is amazing! We love her dearly!


J. Eaton, BA, QMHP-C

I met Alyson in Charlotte in 2007, one year into my career with the Autism population. It is nearly 10 years later, and we still enjoy catching up from time to time and sharing our amazing stories. Alyson acted as my professional mentor and ABA supervisor for about 3 years after I graduated from university and had so much to question and learn. I remember that she was always “glowing” and seemed truly joyful when she would play with and teach her clients. She is one of the most positive, determined and supportive professionals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with, AND she is an awesome mom!


J. Norman

Alyson was a tremendous ally for our son during his high school years. We relied heavily on her due to the many challenges in educating a teen with significant issues with ADHD (inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity). She provided support in the areas of study skills, organizational techniques and advocacy.  My son enjoyed working with her. She was patient, positive, and supportive in every way. He thrived in a highly academic environment due to many reasons, but it goes without saying that her consistent support was a crucial part of it.



In 2007, when our twins were diagnosed with autism at 2.5 years old, we were devastated. We had very little familiarity with autism and what it could mean for the future of our boys.

As part of our coping with the diagnosis, we began to research the impact of autism on everyday activities and education. Everything we read relative to educating, teaching, and developing children with autism pointed us to ABA.  Doing research into BCBA’s and ABA locally, lead us to Alyson Shaffer. Alyson’s combination of an educational background and behavior therapy, was an invaluable combination which directly affected the positive development of both our boys. Alyson has a no-nonsense, direct approach and never lowered her expectations of our children. She was able to attract and hire the best therapists in the area and managed the overall programs for our sons.

Son 1, had no language until 3 years old. Today, he will talk your ear off on a variety of subjects He is now entering Middle School fully mainstreamed and is growing into a leader on his Middle School tackle football team.

Son 2, a more reserved child at 2.5 years old has grown into a mature and unique person who is becoming more and more verbal every day. Though on a very different trajectory, he continues to marvel us with his grasp of computers and unique sense of humor.

Early intervention is a key to “saving” children with autism, and we are extremely grateful to have found Alyson, who helped save our boys.


** Please note that all the testimonials posted are from previous clients.