About | The Solving Autism Way

Our Mission
Solving Autism is dedicated to providing information, resources and the best quality services to improve the outcome of children and adolescents affected by autism and other developmental delays.

Our Purpose
Solving Autism’s goal is to help individuals with autism and other developmental and behavioral challenges to achieve their highest level of independence within their home, school, and community environments.

Our Vision
To foster a community with energy and momentum that embraces people with disabilities as equal partners and valued citizens. When citizens with disabilities reach their full potential, the entire community benefits.

Our Values

  • Discovering ways to nurture community strengths to accomplish what none of us can do alone
  • Partnerships with other agencies and community persons that ensure best practices are applied through person-centered planning
  • Community connections and access to resources that offer enduring ways to support people with disabilities and their families
  • Advocacy efforts that challenge the MH/DD delivery system to improve continuously
  • Accountability
  • Exemplary practices that lead to meaningful outcomes
  • High client and family satisfaction, respecting and valuing individuals
  • Services and supports that are consumer and family friendly, age appropriate and culturally competent
  • Ongoing education that assists in the elimination of stigma and discrimination