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Solving Autism is a team of dedicated professionals in the field of applied behavior analysis. We pride ourselves on helping each individual reach their fullest potential and to be their own advocate. We are proud to be a leading provider in offering Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services to individuals and families. We support our clients by utilizing research-based methods in the field.

Our assessments and initial intake utilizes a variety of formal and informal assessments and methods customized to address the cognitive, social, and behavioral level of every individual.

Our services range from young children who have just been diagnosed to high functioning individuals. We offer a variety of services that include but are not limited to:

  • Developing applied behavior analysis (ABA) programs:
    • Initial assessment
    • Program development
    • Training and implementation
    • Monthly monitoring
    • Parent and family training
    • Ongoing program development
  • Functional Community Based Training
  • Specialized consultation to address challenging behaviors and skill acquisition across all content areas (i.e. fine motor, gross motor, language development, social skills, self-help skills, academic)
  • School observations and consultations, including attendance at Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings with parents
  • Informational trainings to schools and agencies
  • Functional behavioral assessments in all environments
    • Behavioral training of staff and supervision
  • SIB Shops
  • Social Skills Groups

Evaluation & Assessment

Autism can present in radically different ways and symptomology may change over time. Solving Autism can provide testing for social, language and cognitive skill levels. We can also provide Functional Behavior Assessments and Reinforcement Inventories.

Behavioral Management

Solving Autism provides specific behavioral interventions and support to families in need. Utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we can design behavioral management tools focused on modifying behaviors through positive reinforcement and teaching appropriate replacement behaviors. Solving Autism can also develop Behavior Support Plans and provide family and staff training and support.

ABA Services

Solving Autism will gladly work with families and caregivers to design and implement individualized ABA programs for clients. Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and are designed for in-home implementation. We will work to locate, train and supervise direct care staff to implement these programs. Contact us to inquire about possible insurance coverage for ABA services.

School Support

Solving Autism provides families and caregivers with support for IEP meetings and appropriate school placement. We will attend meetings, provide classroom observations (if approved by the school system) and assist with goal determination for clients. Solving Autism can also assist with school re-entry and transition plans.

Parent Training

Solving Autism can assist families with developing teaching and intervention skills on a short term basis. We can assist with toilet training, programs to address picky eating, sibling interactions, sleeping behaviors and community integration.

Community Integration

We work with individuals in the community addressing social skills, appropriate interactions with community helpers, learning to utilize community institutions such as banks, grocery stores and post office, learning basic shopping skills necessary for daily living, money skills, and functional life skills in the natural environment.