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Solving Autism, LLC is proud to be co-hosting a series of webinars with Ryan Platt, CEO and Founder of A Special Needs Plan

April 23, 2021

by Alyson ShafferM.Ed. BCBA Owner

Ryan Platt founded A Special Needs Plan in 2005 and has been a pioneer in his field ever since.  After graduating from Wake Forest University in 1996 with a B.A. in Economics, Ryan completed his MBA from Colorado State University in 2003, and continued his financial planning education by completing his Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Special Needs Consultant, and Certified Family Business Specialist designations. He’s grown A Special Needs Plan into an elite, nationally recognized planning firm.

Planning for a child with special needs’ future is often not something that parents think about when their child is young. However, with life being so uncertain, especially during the challenge of the pandemic we have been facing, it’s never too early to start planning. Ryan and his firm offer a comprehensive service tailored to meet each family’s individual needs.

On February 10th, we co-hosted our first free webinar on Special Needs Financial Planning and Overview. This was a great introduction on the importance of Special Needs Planning.

Coming up on March 3rd from noon-1:00, we will be hosting another live webinar with Ryan Platt on ABLE Accounts and Special Needs Trusts.

Ryan and his group are a special needs planning advisory firm founded to serve special needs families who often struggle with the worry that comes with planning for the future care and financial well-being of a child with special needs. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of coordinating all the necessary legal, financial, governmental benefits, communication and tax strategies they find themselves immersed in. Ryan and his team are here to put an end to the worry and frustration you may face when planning for your child’s future.

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